At Loveday Designs, we work hard to design the home that meets your family's needs. We do that by spending time with our customers and getting to know exactly what their needs are. We meet with our clients on at least 4 occasions as outlined below. This gives us plenty of opportunity to make corrections to the design before the final plans are delivered.

INITIAL MEETING: Here we will establish the program that will guide the project. Usually some very rough "bubble plans" and massing type elevations will be sketched. Just to make sure we're heading in the right direction. bubble plan bubble plan

  • Discussion of prices and terms of the design process.
  • Possible design sketches before and/or after meeting.
  • No payment due.

25% MEETING: By the end of this stage we will have several ideas formulated and behind us. We will begin 3D modeling so that you will get a real sense of what your home will look like. 3D model 3D Kitchen

  • Concept Floor Plan and Elevations. No dimensions or notes.
  • Start of Foundation Plan.
  • Possibly preliminary Site Plan.
  • 25% payment due before proceeding.

50% MEETING: By this stage we are beginning to work with the 3D model and creating some dimensioned plans to review. 3D Cabinets Cabinet Details Elevations

  • Dimensioned Floor Plans and Elevations.
  • Dimensioned Foundation Plan.
  • Building Sections drawn.
  • Electrical Plan (Rough).
  • Preliminary Site Plan.
  • Start Cabinet Elevations.
  • 50% payment due before proceeding.

90% MEETING: By now the design is nearly finished. You will have your review plans with your mark-ups from the 50% meeting, and then you will have this opportunity to make a final review of the plans and ensure that we have not forgotten any little detail. Exterior Rendering review floor plan

  • Final Plans with minor changes expected.
  • Remaining balance due.

FINAL MEETING: At this stage you will receive your final construction plans ready for distribution. See our "What's included"page for more information on what's included in a

  • Delivery of accepted plans and requested number of plans.

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